Minds, a social encrypted network

Minds, a social encrypted network

What is Minds about? Walking in the footsteps of Facebook, Google + and other Twitters, Minds appeared recently. Its big peculiarity is that it was approved and enjoyed by Anonymous members, a group of hackers who love privacy and ethics. But why was it so ?

Minds does not sell your infos

This is not the first time it happens, but the initiative deserves to be greeted : the informations inside Minds are encrypted. The website does not even sell your personal data to announcers or governments. Besides, if you believe Minds’ creator, Bill Ottman (interviewed here, in French), the goal is not to make millions, but to militate in favour of a free information. An other extra positive point : the site is entirely open source so if you wish, you perfectly can play a part in the project and contact them this way : www.minds.com

In addition, Minds is not able to give your data to anyone who would ask, because it simply does not have control over it. To the developers team, it’s totally impossible to find encrypted informations : no one has any form of control over them !

However, Minds is… not very intuitive

In my opinion, Minds’ graphics are very aesthetic : the whole website looks modern, young, pleasant. I specially like the small bulb logo and the animated homepages with planets and stars (yes I have a thing with stars). But even though I love the concept, I also love criticizing, and what attracts my attention here is the menu on the left. It’s so not intuitive. Yes, icons look nice, but it’s hard to associate one with a specific function, especially when there is no tool tip if you mouse over them. To me, this is particularly unfortunate, because when you click on an icon, a sub-menu opens… and it is completely devoid of information too. Same thing for the top right corner : if you are a geek and an English speaker, the bug will easily tell you that this is the place to signal bugs, obviously (Hi captain obvious. Well for a French speaker, if you are not a geek, this can be a bit curious. We also say that something “bug”, but when we wish to speak about insects, we say “insectes”. That was the language minute of my blog.) But unless I lack the other cultural references of the next icons, I feel that they are quite mysterious too.

Really, it just lacks tool tips and it would be perfect.

Anyway, the site is still under construction : go and have a look, and please tell me what you think in the comments. Was it hard to use for you? I’d love to hear from you. =)



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